Donating in times of coronavirus

We´re donating muffins to help alleviate the hunger of vulnerable people

When we read the Madrid no frills article on Dragones, we knew we had to do something. Dragones is a football club for the sons and daughters of migrant families from Lavapiés. When the coronavirus crisis erupted, they turned their small storage into an impromptu food bank for those in the neighborhood with few resources. Since then, over 300 families have registered and more than 1,000 people have been helped. 

Although we’re aware of the economic and privilege inequality that exists in this world, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, for some, the lockdown may have truly severe consequences. For people who’ve had to migrate “illegally” from other countries, or who live hand to mouth, the lockdown means that they cannot go out and earn money. And obviously, due to their “irregular” situation, they cannot access any official financial aid either. In other words, many people will be starving from this virus.

In this case, associations like Dragones are really essential to alleviate suffering. Although at an individual level we cannot change a reality that sometimes hurts so much, if we all offer a little, between us all, we can change things.


On Monday we sent Dragones 16 boxes (384 muffins) to distribute among families. According to Jorge, the president of Dragones, food donations are usually distributed almost the same day they arrive, so all help is necessary.

Here are the contact details, if you want to collaborate with this specific association.

Dragones Website

Tel. 695 973 652 (Jorge)