Introducing our new 100% plastic-free packaging

With a compostable OK compost bag and an FSC cardboard box

If you are the kind of person who cares about what they eat and the food-making process, just as much as about the packaging that food comes in being as sustainable as feasibly possible, you might want to keep reading.

Here is everything you need to know about the new plastic-free packaging we have developed for our delicious vegan muffins.

chocochip estuche magdalenas veganas

In La mala leche we believe that clarity and transparency are crucial steps in the path towards a responsible and sustainable consumer ethics. And that’s why we want to share with you what’s behind our manufacturing process.

From the very beginning, our main aim has been to promote the transition to more environmentally friendly ways of living, those fair with the animals and the people sharing the earth.

Either way, we are also aware that a radical change in the attitudes endorsed by big companies and corporations is essential to shift the course of things and prevent environmental collapse.

We surely don’t have all the answers, but we do know that every major change begins with a first step towards the right direction: so, after a period of internal development and self-reflection, we are proud to finally introduce you to our new frozen and 100% plastic-free format.

The climate crisis can no longer be ignored

The environmental consequences of the thousands of tons of plastic discarded every year are devastating. Nevertheless, when it comes to food or other consumer products, the presence of this highly contaminating single-use plastic seems virtually impossible to avoid.

According to sources like Greenpeace, Spain is the fourth country with the highest plastic demand within the European Union. Most of which is being used for wrapping and packaging of all sorts, turning it into single-use products that will take hundreds of years to disappear from earth.

Facing the challenge of a plastic-free packaging for baked goods

In addition to its slow degradability, plastic’s toxic chemical composition releases highly hazardous substances in the environment, making it one of the biggest environmental challenges we must face in order to properly address the climate crisis.

It is no surprise then, that finding a proper alternative to the traditional plastic packaging that floods supermarkets and department stores in equal measure was something of a priority for us.

Despite the drastic need to globally cut down our dependence on plastic, baked goods generally require to be packed in bags with a high barrier against oxygen and moisture – which normally makes manufacturers to choose conventional plastic packaging as a convenient and cheap solution –, in addition to using artificial preservatives to extend the shelf-life of the product. 

envase sin plástico

How we’ve done it

After a long year of research and testing, we’ve come to a solution that allows us to keep our muffins as soft and moist as fresh out of the oven, without having to compromise the vision that guides our thinking at La mala leche: that of a sustainable, zero carbon foot-print future, which must start today.

The key to this new format lies in the freezing of the muffins right after they have been baked. Once they are ready, they are kept and stored in a totally free from plastic wrapping bag and box.

Thanks to this new packaging, the muffins retain their flavor and texture up to 10 days after thawing. A true feat, given that we do not use artificial preservatives, additives or plastic packaging of any kind!

The compostable bag is certified with the OK industrial compost certification of TUV Austria, which guarantees that they are compostable in industrial composting plants. You can reuse it as a garbage bag for organic waste. The cardboard box is certified with the FSC certification for responsible forest management and can be easily recycled in the same way that any other piece of cardboard.

Is plastic-free packaging the ultimate solution?

We are aware that the climate crisis is a big complex issue, one that asks for multiple solutions from different angles, and it is not something that can be fixed just by switching to plastic-free packaging. Either way, we are also aware that a change in the attitudes embraced by big companies and corporations are essential to change the course of things. 

Alternative business models are already a reality: the more collaborative and humane type; the kind that doesn’t prioritize the rampant maximization of profit at any cost; the kind that takes into account the wellbeing of something other than itself – whether that means humans, animals or any other being partaking of a living ecosystem and informing society’s fabric at large.

If knowledge is power, we sincerely hope that you found some of this information useful. Equally, we hope that this information has somewhat encouraged you try our vegan muffins and share them with someone you love.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to make this world a more sustainable and kinder place. 


Author: Carlota Melguizo