Our mission

Did you ever wonder why living sustainably is more “complicated” than following the mainstream? We think it is not fair. That´s why at La mala leche we create delicious and ethical products for all the amazing sustainability seekers that every day choose to live in harmony with animals and the planet. We want sustainable living to feel as good and light as it should.

At the same time, in the process of creating and developing an ethical company, we strive to identify difficulties, propose solutions and create a debate around the need of having more sustainable and honest businesses for a kinder future.

Our story

Hello! I´m Estefanía. After my studies in Business Administration and Advertisement, I felt the urge to work in the Third Sector. I decided that instead of joining the baked goods business of my family, I would rather move to Berlin to work for NGOs. Living in Berlin could only stimulate the search for a more ethical and sustainable life. Whilst Berlin remains a paradise of vegan food, second hand clothing and bio-sustainable shops, I kept wondering why living sustainably has to be so time consuming. I started to think about a tangible way to help normalizing the sustainable and ethical lifestyle, and one day I had the idea of returning to my roots and following the footsteps my grandmother took in 1976, but thinking of the challenges of 2019 and the years to come.