La mala leche is a multidisciplinary project formed by a likeminded team with a shared vision and a common mission: to create and distribute a series of sustainable goods able to ease people’s journeys into more just and environmentally minded ways of living.

Whether it is through vegan muffins, hand-made pottery, reusable items designed to reduce your carbon footprint, and in the near future, books and other cultural products, La mala leche seeks to instill an ethics of cooperation, respect between species and ecological awareness in our daily habits and customs.


Hi, I’m Estefanía and I’m the founder of La mala leche! Born in a family of bakers, I grew up surrounded by the warm and comforting scent of freshly baked oven goods that my parents, grandparents and uncles made every day.

But sometimes you need to leave your homeland to be able to find yourself, so after graduating I decided to move to Berlin and devote myself to social work and activism. My work in NGOs focused on social integration, environmental protection and the promotion of veganism. These experiences made me realize that, in order to move forward into more sustainable ways of living, we need to re-think our traditions and consumption habits, no doubt; but we also need to have access to products that allow us the transition to greener lifestyles.

With this in mind, I decided to go back to my roots and combine my family history with my desire to create vegan alternatives to help us all live our best and lives. That’s how La mala leche starts: aiming to reconciliate the familiar flavors of my childhood with the ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free philosophy that animates my choices.

But the muffins are just the beginning. At La mala leche, we believe in the human potential to achieve a fairer, more respectful and overall, more inclusive world. We know that this better future is no utopia, and our goal as a company is to try and make things at least a little bit easier for those who wake up every morning ready to fight for it.

It might just be breakfast, but it’s also the beginning of a revolution.