We want to make living a sustainable lifestyle easier, more accessible and more fun for everyone.

It’s clear that in order for our next generations to have a future, we need to change the way we relate to the environment, animals and all humans. More and more people are becoming interested in ethics and reducing their environmental footprint but to this day it’s still difficult to put into practice, as there aren’t that many sustainable and honest options on the market. 

That’s why we want to create products that, in addition to being ethically produced, help people to lead a more sustainable life, in line with their beliefs.


Hello! I´m Estefanía. After my studies in Business Administration and Advertisement, I felt the urge to work in the Third Sector. Instead of joining my family’s baked goods business, I decided to move to Berlin to work for NGOs.

Living in Berlin only encouraged my desire to live a more ethical and sustainable life.  But even though Berlin is a paradise of vegan food, second-hand clothing and bio-sustainable shops – living sustainably still felt much more difficult and time consuming than following the “mainstream”. I started to think about a tangible way to help normalize this lifestyle and one day it occurred to me to return to my roots, following in the footsteps of my grandmother in 1976, but whilst considering the challenges of the crucially important coming years.