Muffins for sustainability seekers

Nice to the planet, to animals and to you

Delicious, vegan and plastic-free

Sustainably packaged

Since the beginning, we’ve been determined to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible. It hasn’t been easy, but after several trials and a lot of researchs, we are offering our muffins in 2 different formats: you can get them bulk from our partner shops, or you can order them at our online shop to receive them, plastic free, at your home or office.

Cruelty free

We truly desire a world where all animals are treated with love and respect. That’s why our muffins don’t contain any animal products or derivatives. Only good plant stuff. They taste so much like “the real thing” (whatever that is) that most people can’t believe they’re actually vegan!!

Real ingredients

We wanted to create real deal muffins, which is why we’ve used high quality and natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives, fake aromas or nasty stuff (like GMOs and palm oil). If you don’t have a vegan grandma: welcome to La mala leche, we’re here to satisfy your sweetest desires.

Craving delicious, freshly baked muffins?

Order your customized selection of muffins now and get them at your home or office, freshly baked and plastic free!


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