Ethical plant-based muffins

Same good old flavors, now also good for animals and the planet

Delicious, vegan and plastic-free

Plastic-free packaging

Enjoy our delicious muffins without worrying about what to do with the wrap afterwards. It’s high time we say goodbye to plastic, so we’ve come up with a sustainable alternative that allows our muffins to keep fresh without that having to be an ecological nightmare. By freezing the muffins once they have been baked and packing them in a compostable bag inside a cardboard box, they keep as good as just fresh out of the oven without the need for any plastic at all. Read more about the process here.

Cruelty free

We believe in a world in where every being is worthy of love, dignity and respect. That’s why our muffins are entirely free from animal products and 100% plant based. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Real ingredients

Not only are they cruelty-free and sustainable, but we also pride ourselves in making our muffins with natural and high-quality organic ingredients only. Forget about chemicals, artificial preservatives, fake aromas, GMOs and palm oil: you won’t find any of that nasty stuff in our muffins. Not on our watch!

Order online!

Treat yourself, let your mom know that you love her, or make ammends with your nemesis; whatever the ocasion, we’ll deliver you our muffins wherever you need them. Free delivery over 29€ (mainland Spain). Because everything tastes better when shared.


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